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Customized mobile lifting tables are becoming ever more popular in trade and industry. The ergonomic helpers help reduce the load in many workplaces and so reduce loss of work due to back problems.

This is guaranteed not only by an improvement in work procedure but also by the ergonomic handling of the lifting table.

Any easily engaged position brake to the front caster rollers prevents the well known shopping trolley effect when on sloping surfaces. These enable a smooth forwards movement. The slightly reduced wheelbase allows the table to be easily steered even when loaded.
The hand pump enables the platform to be raised to the desired height (As per equipment design). The hand pump is placed in such a way when not in use it may not affect working of operator. With a standard option of choosing handle types we can either have an adjustable or a fix type handle as per working conditions.

Time management system is a commonly used phase in press shop with heavy die loading / unloading used to take hours and now we have all new concept of die loading & unloading mobile / fix table.

With capacity of up to 10 tons in different structure available in QULT series is answer to your loading / unloading problems that has capability to finish complete process with in few minutes and that too with a single operator.

Upper table with tilt function can give flexibility & with its mechanical screw stoppers provides rigidness while loading / unloading we can push / pull with pneumatic / hydraulic cylinders with customized gripper