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One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic machines and equipments brings you a variety of superb quality hydraulic cylinders in customized options that includes rebuild able, welded rod and telescopic catering to different applications such as automotive recovery, material handling, road working, waste collection/removal, excavation, etc.
We design custom built hydraulic cylinders instead of pushing "off the shelf" cylinders. n tune with our commitment to adhere to high Quality standards, we have gained expertise in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, manufactured under the brand name Precise.

Our cylinders range from Bore 25 x Rod 12 x Stroke10 mm till Bore 1000mm x Rod 600 mm X Stroke 3000 mm. with working pressure up to 500 Kg/cm2. We manufacture cylinders with the following constructions
• Threaded
• Bolted
• Block
• Face Flange Hydraulic Press

» Welded Hydraulic Cylinders
» Tie Rod Hydraulic Cylinders
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